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You will probably notice that many of our members are owned by more than one dog. We welcome and enjoy each one. You don't even have to have a "racing" or an "in training" dog to be a valued member of our club.

Piper the Rat Terrorist -

Amy Deschler

I rescued Piper from the Lake City Humane Society. She was about 6mos old and the only one of a playpen full of puppies that would play with a ball! She has to be the most loving, fun dog I've ever had. She is very smart, very driven, and loves to play Flyball! Along with being fun, she is very devoted to me and does anything I ask of her. She is a terrific little Height Dog for Jumpin' Jax.


Piper has earned to date:


UFLi Titles - Top Flight Levels I, II, and III

Oreo - aka -Yo Yo

Amy Deschler


Oreo is a very smart, very charismatic little guy. He has learned Flyball with ease and has dabbled a bit at learning Agility.He is very clever and has learned several tricks, which we do while we wait to race to keep us from getting anxious. Oreo plays with his brothers and sisters, and anyone else that will play.  Oreo is one of our best dogs for teaching new handlers how to race a dog. He loves to play so much, he practically races himself! He will run for anyone who will take him out into the lane! He is very sweet and LOVES to play Flyball

Oreo has earned to date:


 UFLi Titles - Top Flight - Levels I, II, III

  Stormy - Maryann Deschler

Stormy came to us from Clay County Animal Control. Maryann has always loved Aussies and wanted one of her own to train for Flyball. A friend called and said she had seen one at Animal Control. We drove straight out and took her in as a foster. Obviously she stole our hearts and we adopted her. She is a fun Flyball dog, loves the start position and she and Maryann soon got a perfect start! .000!

Stormy loves water, and all other dogs. She is shy of strangers. Otherwise, this girl has great manners and is willing to try anything Maryann asks of her!

Stormy has earned to date:


UFLi Titles: Top Flight levels I,II,III

Talco - Amy Deschler

To Date Talco Has earned:


Talco came to me with Oreo. He was just a pup, and very timid. He is submissive by nature and I didn't think Flyball would be his thing. He wouldn't play with toys or a ball but he DID like treats, I set out one day to see if I could teach him to play fetch. He learned very quickly that putting that round thingy in Mom's hand got FOOD! From there Talco blossomed into a really nice little Flyball dog. He gets over the top excited if you ask him if he is a "Flyball Dog"! We are still working on a faster return with single hops between jumps but Talco has this game down and has become a dependable dog that has raced on teams other than Jumpin Jax's.

Duncan- Cheryl and Jeff Karl

To Date Duncan has earned:


Duncan is a two-year-old, bi-black Sheltie. Duncan started  his Flyball career in March of 2016. He is now on a team, getting ready for his first tournament. Duncan will debut at the Barkham Asylum Tourney in Dalton Ga. August 20 and 21, 2016. Duncan loves going to practice. He gets so excited when he gets there, he is barely able to wait his turn. Duncan loves balls, he plays with all different sizes, from beachballs to tennis balls. In addition to Flyball, Duncan participates in Rally and Obedience. In the Fall, he is going to try the sport of Treiball. Treiball harnesses the herding instinct, requiring the dog to herd beachballs. It is similar to sheepherding, but the dog herds balls instead of sheep. Duncan lives with four other Shelties ranging in age from 13yrs to 4yrs. He is an amazing, smart, sweet boy.

Captain Jack Sparrow - Rebekah Harp

Captain Jack Sparrow had a rough start. A "Designer" Bugg dog (Boston Terrier/Pug) from a puppy mill, his owners beat him, only fed him table scraps, and regularly contained him in a cardboard box for his first 6 months of life. When I rescued him from this house of horrors, he had been duct-taped inside a small cardboard box, without food or water, for 4 days. He was close to death, and it is a miracle that he survived. Jack's beautiful spirit was not crushed by the psychological or physical torture he endured, and he is now a loving, inquisitive, and yes, wildly enthusiastic "LOVE-BUGG!" As a fan of the Jumpin' Jax Flyball team, I had invited them to do demos for the kids at my school -- and I thought it would be fun to join with one of my dogs. Even though a "Bugg" is not the typical smart and fast dog that is usually seen in the Flyball arena, in fact, it is a rarity, I thought Jack's life, and mine, would be enriched by this fast-paced team sport.  My little "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is working hard to put all of the pieces of this sport together so he can compete. Come on out and see him run -- but don't blink! You just might miss this little Rocket Man!

MIKA - Keiko Day

Mika has earned to date:


Karma - Maryann Deschler

Karma is from a ranch in Georgia. When I got her she was only 3 months old. I got her because I wanted a Border Collie. I  had always wanted one for my very own. She had lots of fear issues but we have been working very hard on them and I think we will be able to work through them. She has a knack for the sport, she loves balls but she especially LOVES her tuggie toy. Karma has come a long way and has been racing about a year now. A few setbacks along the way but she bounces back quickly. This game gives so much confidence that she will face her fears to play. 


Marlee - Amy Deschler

I first saw Marlee on my Facebook feed. She belonged to a family that was not home a lot and Marlee spent a lot of time in her crate. I thought she was beautiful, and like everyone else that she was a Border Collie. I shared her picture to everyone and forgot about her...almost! About two weeks later, I inquired on FB about her, asking whether she had a new home. I finally got a call from her foster mom and she said that no, Marlee was still available but to the right home only! I told her that we played Flyball and I would also probably teach her to play Agility. Her foster Mom was very excited to hear that Marlee would only spend time in her crate when absolutely necessary (in the car and at competitions) but otherwise would have total freedom to run in the yard and sleep in a bed (which has turned out to be my bed). She shares her home with several other dogs, two cats, and she has 2 chickens in the yard! She loves learning, and she is quick to pick things up. She easily transitions between Agility and Flyball and seems thrilled with her one on one time with me! I thank her foster Mom for trusting me to give her a great home, I know her foster mom is her biggest fan! This girl, actually an Australian Shepherd, is a valuable asset to our Jumpin' Jax teams. She is fast and fearless! She is also very versatile. She will run for most anyone, especially if they have a ball and meatballs!!  

Chase - Maryann Deschler

Chase is in the early stages of learning flyball , he is short and will be an amazing little height dog!








These dogs may look familiar to you already, as some of them are shown above in the family shots. Just because they're not "officially" racing yet does not make them any less important to our team.

Sebastian - Norma Brizzi

The newest member of the Busy Brothers Brizzi, Sebastian is a rescued Shih Tzu that was found as a stray, became a foster, and then was adopted when efforts to locate his owners were unsuccessful. While he shows little interest in Frisbee or Treibball, he has taken naturally to learning Agility and enjoys training with the Jumpin’ Jax Flyball team. Sebastian wants to join his talented brothers in all their activities and goes everywhere with them. He enjoys demos, classes, and dog parks, but so far he does not like to go anywhere near the ocean.

Lacy-Libby Mattingly

When I lost my last dog, Chloe, the sweetest, smartest Dobie I had ever known, I swore I would not have another dog, ever. But as any true dog person knows, that is only a temporary state of mind! It took six years, but my daughter saw a picture of Lacy on a rescue website. The picture had been posted a couple of weeks so I was sure she had already been adopted. A scruffy terrier mix is too cute to pass up! But the good Lord works in mysterious ways. I won the Lacy lottery! It took a few months for her to trust me but she rarely leaves my side now! She is also so lively that I knew I needed to find a way to vent all of that energy. I had seen Flyball on TV a while back and remembered that the dogs were running full tilt, something that Lacy does outside and in the house. Luckily I found Jumpin Jax. I'm hoping I can be trained as well as Lacy! It is an activity that the two of us can do with people who love dogs as much as I do. Thanks for the patience it takes to train the owner because we all know that the dogs are smarter!


Retired Racers

Paintball - Robin Wooldridge AKA: Cap'n Mom

Here is my baby girl, Paintball (far left). We rescued her in April of 2005 from Jacksonville Animal Care and Control. My little girl went through some major surgery in Dec. of 2007. She loves to go boating, and fortunately the friends that we were boating with were just puttering along. She saw something in the bow wake, jumped off the boat, got sucked under the boat, and hit by the propeller. She suffered from a broken right front leg, had a couple of lacerations to her lungs, and extensive bruising. She has a 12 screw plate in her leg with ten screws, and after a long break from being active (a strictly enforced 5 1/2 months with little activity) she came back to doing flyball. It is a sport that we both enjoy tremendously, and even now, she is in training for agility, and she also does some dockdiving. She is definitely the "water baby" of the family, and she still loves to go boating! Her favorite activities are swimming, loving me, play fighting with her little brother, and herding anything that is moving (especially little kids, so she is a great babysitter). Paintball has been my saving grace seeing me through some very tough life moments like losing my husband and best friend Steve in February 2008. She is very protective of me, my family, and friends. She is THE BEST furbaby in the world.

Paintball is also a "love slut" and is very social with people and dogs. She is in training to be a therapy dog, and all that remains for her to do is to be tested. She loves to go "visiting" when we go to the hospitals and elder care centers. I think that she just loves all the attention.

Paintball has a wonderful sense of humor, and when asked she can and will do tricks (as long as you have a treat ready). She is most assuredly loved and doted on by everyone that she meets, and she likes it like that. 

Paintball currently has earned all her titles in flyball through FDCh-Silver. (Flyball Dog Champion - Silver)  

Julian - Norma Brizzi

Julian Blue: FDCHS, CGC

This feisty Lhasa Apso was rescued from the pound in Abilene, Texas by Northcentral Maltese Rescue. When he could not be contained in his foster home because he could easily jump baby gates, Norma adopted him to try to put that high-jump ability to good use. Julian now runs as a height dog with Jumpin’ Jax Flyball and has earned his FDCHS (Flyball Dog Champion Silver) NAFA title. He also competes in Disc Dog competitions and Agility trials, has trained at Atlanta Dog Works and the ATA Treibball Academy, was a local troop member of the Dog Scouts of America, and earned his CGC title from the AKC. Naturally photogenic with a long flowing honey and cream coat, Julian’s photo was featured in a recent "Bark for Life" relay campaign. Julian also participates in dog sport demos and helps Norma teach her "Intro to Dog Sports" class. However, he does not play with his brothers, socialize at dog parks, or swim in the ocean.

Glori Bee - Terri Ton

Glori Bee has earned to date:


Glori Bee is approximately 6 yrs old. Quite a strange little creature with all her Border Collie quirks. Those very quirks are where we found unknown issues. Being an animal advocate, fostering and volunteering became a major part of our lives. When the house was full of animals, dogs, kittens, puppies and wildlife, Ms. Bee was comfortable getting away from all the brattiness by retreating to a quiet place under the bed. The days were busy with everyone needing something except Glori Bee. I always said I will foster as long as my animals come first. It took about 2 years and I realized my beautiful Bored Collie was hiding from the world in a heap of fur. She was no Border Collie at all. Ashamed, I set about making her number one.

Fostering took a back seat and this terrified girl became my side kick. I started taking her everywhere and our first stop was a Flyball event. Glori Bee was timid, fearful of everything, even the clicking sound of a power window.  She deserved to be a Border Collie, strong and regal, confident. We had a long road ahead of us. I was determined to get her there.
Glori Bee was a frisbee girl, so our first challenge, lots of car rides and a ball.
Flyball practice week after week, learning to be sniffed and a celebration when she leaned in to get her a bootie sniff.  Now we were getting somewhere. Hot diggity dog!
Now she starts looking out the window wondering if we were at her favorite place. 

Two years later we are a team, her and I, and she visits, loves and enjoys her teammates human and Canine. 
When you look up and see Glori Bee in the lanes, move over a bit, because she's got this!
She is a Proud, well rounded, still quirky, confident Border Collie.


Roxy - Whitney Haywood

Hannah - Jeanne Lanford

Pulse-Chris Kemper

To Date Pulse has earned:


Pulse came into my life at a very difficult time. I had lost my dad to cancer and my husband, Bob, was battling ALS (Lou Gehrig's).

A breeder friend in Virginia had a litter and we had been watching them grow on webcam. Our 21st anniversary was coming up and Bob decided to let me get one of the pups as an anniversary gift. Sadly, Bob's health took a bad turn and he passed away on our anniversary. He never got to meet the pup in person. The breeder agreed to hold the pup until things settled and I could pick him up. On May 15, 2015, I brought my baby home. His registered name became Riot's My Heart Will Go On @ Shangri-La (Pulse). He is so very special as he is the last gift from my Bob.

     It was not long before I knew this boy was very smart and so willing to please. He absolutely adores playing ball with me, so much so that when I was laid up with a back injury, he learned if he put the ball in the cup holder of my recliner, I could still toss it for him. I could not bend over to pick it up and he came up with a solution! A friend suggested maybe Flyball, so I got in touch with Amy. We started his training the 1st week of Dec 2015. We hope to compete with the team very soon! In the meantime, he also loves Dock Diving, AND Lure Coursing. He has earned title certificates in both.

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