Jumpin' Jax Flyball Club

FLYBALL ....."24 seconds of blurry dog butts"



We are currently practicing on Saturdays from 10:30 - 1:00pm. It is NOT required that you be either a fitness nut, or an athlete. What is required is a willingness to learn, a love of your dog, and a commitment to something that will make both of you happy.  As a matter of fact, several of us own and wear t-shirts that say ... "I'm NO athlete, but my Flyball dog is!!"

You may be wondering by now just what is meant by "Practice". It's actually very simple. Just as in any other activity that you and your canines engage in, you need to first start with practice. Practice is what will make or break you and your dog as a team, and teaches you how to interact with all of your two legged team mates too. 

Flyball is a sport that will require you and your canine to practice, both by yourselves, and as a club. It is only by Practice, Practice, Practice that we will continue to grow and become even better.

 It is during practice that you both will learn about building muscle memory, (yes, vitally important for both of you!) learning and honing your skills at running a dog, passing, the runback, and even starting. Our goal as a club is to have everyone feel confident and comfortable working with each other, and this means not only you as the handler of your dog, but also learning and building the confidence of other club members to help you handle your dogs, and you to handle theirs. This is crucial to being a great club member .. it is one aspect that we try to take into account, some of us have jobs that require us to be there on a tournament weekend, and so the handler won't be able to make it ... that doesn't necessarily mean that your dog can't.

By working and practicing together as a club, we only get better and better. We know that if you decide to join us, you will too.


Joey waits wrapped and ready for her turn to practice. Dogs paws are often wrapped with vet wrap to protect their paws from burning when they slide or "burn out" on the rubber matting.

Major and Robin - "You mean I get a cookie for that?"
Practice Times:

Jumpin Jax practices Saturday mornings at 10:30am. The training at practice is free. These are not mandatory practices, but members are encouraged to attend regularly at least in the beginning in order to improve the dog's Flyball pattern. Since the dog knows the pattern and is consistently running in either lane against another team of dogs, practice is more for maintaining stamina and muscle memory, as well as tweaking any problems the dog may have, such as wide turns, ball spitting, striding issues, etc. Please contact us if you would like to come to a practice to see what we do. [email protected]  Thanks!

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