Jumpin' Jax Flyball Club

FLYBALL ....."24 seconds of blurry dog butts"

 Please! Keep in mind... The sport of Flyball is not teachable in its entirety in a few weeks. It sometimes takes up to a year to teach some dogs the game. These sessions are designed to prepare your dog and you for the practice scenario in which other handlers and their dogs are practicing different aspects of the game at different skill levels.

We offer "drop in" classes every Saturday Morning. If you miss class, there is no penalty, you just come to class the next week.
    The cost is $10.00 per session, $5.00 for each extra dog. Once you are comfortable with, and are able to join the rest of the team at practice, you may stop coming to class, or you may continue each week to work on specific skills that you want more help with.   

What to Bring:

Your Dog (Of Course!)

Flat Collar and a 6' leash (no flex leashes please)

Water and Bowl

Favorite Treats and/or toy (whatever your dog values most) This is a very important item.

Dog Crate (so you can put your pup up while others are working)

Your dog should have basic obedience behaviors (i.e. come) before beginning Flyball training so that you can control him/her.