Jumpin' Jax Flyball Club

FLYBALL ....."24 seconds of blurry dog butts"

 Jumpin' Jax Flyball Club

A High Energy, Fun, Canine Sport!

What is Flyball?

Flyball is a relay race between two teams of four dogs and their handlers. Each dog must run down a 51-foot lane, jumping over 4 jumps along the way, retrieve a ball from the box at the end of the lane, run back up the lane, over the jumps, and cross the start/finish line with the ball in their mouth at which time the next dog goes - whew!

Jumpin' Jax is a flyball club located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our club is a small, family oriented club, with many of our members participating in other dog sports, demos, rescue  groups and fundraisers. We welcome you to come out to one of our practices to see how much fun it is to bond with your human and canine flyball family. 

We are practicing on Saturday mornings from 11:00am to 1:30pm. Please check the calendar to be sure we are not attending a special event, a tournament, or helping out in the community in some other fashion! When we practice, we work until each dog and handler has had individual as well as group attention. If you think you might like to come to a practice, please contact us prior to coming so that we can give you directions to our practice site, we know to expect you, and you'll know what you'll need to bring.

If you are currently a club member, please go to the team members' page to upload your info.

If you are not yet a club member, but would like to join our group, please go to the group page and join there.